Welcome to Akrotiri

In Medieval times, Akrotiri was one of the 5 fortified settlements on the island. Akrotiri is a village of great interest on the south west coast of Santorini. Apart from having some of the best views on the island which reach as far as Oia, magnificent sunsets, wonderful fish taverns, quiet undeveloped beaches, and tiny churches, it is also home to two of Santorini's jewels, the Akrotiri Excavations and Akrotiri Castle.
The Lighthouse of Akrotiri
Akrotiri lies exactly on the axis of the shipping lane from Piraeus to Alexandria. The lighthouse is one of the best in Greece. It can be found 18 kilometers from Fira at an altitude of 58 meters. The geographical coordinates are: Latitude 36° 21' 05" N. and Longitude 25° 21' 05" E.
The History of the Lighthouse
The lighthouse was built during the Ottoman Rule in 1892 by the French company 'La Société Collas et Michel'. Initially it operated on oil, and its beams reached a distance of 23 nautical miles. In 1925 it was renovated. During the Second World War the lighthouse stopped operating and started up again in 1945. By this time the lighthouse was manned by four persons and it had a beam visibility that reached a full 25 nautical miles, with a rotary flash every 30 seconds.
In 1983 electricity was installed and in 1988 the lighthouse became fully automated.
Archaeological Discoveries :
Akrotiri is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. The first habitation at the site dates from the Late Neolithic times (from 4th millennium BC). The Exhibition of the Wall Paintings of Thera is on display at the Nomikos Conference Center in Fira.

Fira town : 15 kilometers
Akrotiri excavations, Akrotiri Castle & Tower
Restaurants, fish taverns, small shops
Buses from Fira depart for both Akrotiri village and Akrotiri beach