Episkopi Gonia : Also Known as Mesa Gonia
Episkopi Gonia can be found at the foothills of Profitis Ilias Mountain on the way to Kamari, 6 kilometers from Fira in the south eastern region of Santorini. The village is called known as Mesa Gonia, since that was its official name until 1915. Mesa Gonia used to be in important area for producing wines.
On old maps it is also referred to as 'Kato Gonia' (Kato Gonia = The Corner Below). Episkopi Gonia received its name due to the proximity of the Byzantine church Koimisis of Theotokou, also known as Panagia Episkopi.
History records that the church was the headquarters of both the orthodox and later the Latin bishop on the island. Episkopi Gonia was almost completely destroyed during the earthquake of 1956, and most of the inhabitants moved to Kamari.